Scheme of Delegation


RET is a company limited by guarantee and a charitable trust. Responsibility for the schools that make up the Trust and for the funds granted by parliament for providing education in those schools, is entrusted to the RET Board.

The RET Board governs the company.  The Board's directors are either ‘Sponsor Directors’ (appointed by the Sponsor, EL) or ‘Academy Directors’ (appointed by the Board as a whole to reflect the interests of the Church of England schools, Greek Orthodox schools; and community schools).  All directors have the same powers and responsibilities. Much of the work of the Board is delegated to committees (Staff; Finance and Operations; Audit) and to the Local Governing Body of each school.

The Trust governance model delegates a high level of responsibility and decision making to its Local Governing Bodies; and recognises the significant contribution that excellent local governance can make towards high standards and community cohesion. In order to support this model, the Trust provides support with governor recruitment which ensures that Local Governing Bodies are well trained and supported.  Standardised self-evaluation and data reports are shared between headteachers, senior leaders, advisers and governors.

The Trust’s system of financial leadership, management, delegation and control has been singled out for praise by the EFA (Report May 2015)

School improvement, school management, ICT, HR and legal advice systems are well-developed and shared across the Trust, under the direction of the CEO and the RET Headteacher and Adviser Group.

Part 1 - RET Scheme of Governance and Delegation

Part 2 - RET Scheme of Delegation - Roles and responsibilities