About Us

Russell Education Trust (RET) is a partnership of five secondary schools and is sponsored by EL (RET) Community Interest Company.


Performance 2022

Performance 2019

  • Progress 8: 0.32
  • Entering EBacc: 48%
  • EBacc points: 5.01
  • EBacc 5+: 32%
  • EBacc 4+: 39%


Leaders have ensured that the curriculum is engaging for pupils, and that it promotes diversity. Teachers have strong subject knowledge, know their pupils well, and use this knowledge to help them learn. Pupils behave well. There is rarely any disruption to learning.


March 2022

The headteacher’s inspired leadership has quickly established a vibrant, orderly community which enables students to thrive. He ensures that a family atmosphere is fostered across the school in which all students feel cared for, and valued. 


May 2014

Pupils are confident, articulate and aspiring. They are proud to be part of the school community. 


March 2022

The religious ethos in the school provides a strong base for the support of pupils’ personal development and welfare. Pupils speak with pride about their school and relationships in the school. 


November 2018

The school has many strengths. Leaders have established an open culture at the school where there is a clear sense of teamwork and community across staff and pupils alike. Everyone takes pride in the school. It is a welcoming and vibrant place. 


May 2018